The idea of the Los Angeles California born designer Ferrari Massari was to create a men’s clothing brand with only the highest quality genuine Italian leather and denim, sourcing even better quality materials then the top designer brands of the world with a much better price.

Upon visiting high end shopping malls with some of their top designer brand retail stores the Los Angeles California native fashion designer would get very frustrated at the price tag of some of their genuine leather products.  Lamb skin leather jackets selling for $2000-$5000 and genuine calf skin leather sneakers with calf skin leather lining selling for $500-$1000.

Although Ferrari Massari would love appreciate and admire the quality of the genuine leather that some other brands would have on offer he still would not be willing to pay such a high price tag for something he really wanted.

most department store commercial brands use fake PU leather to make their shoes and jackets, they are selling and getting away with it since many people do not even know that they are buying toxic plastic fake leather material they are only buying into the brand and with such a low quality material that you are getting you are still paying a hefty price.

That’s when Ferrari Massari knew he needed to create the Ferrari Massari brand the quality that you want at a price that is deserving.

The Ferrari Massari brand was created after 12 years of the designers experience in the men’s apparel fashion industry with years of research and sourcing the brand has been perfected for quality design and fit.

Ferrari Massari is using the same genuine leathers and handmade workmanship as some of the top designer brands of the world that cost on average 5 times more than our brand.

In today’s world of fashion there are many designer brands and many of them stand out but what stands out most is quality! People notice quality from a very far distance and they will appreciate it.

What brand you are wearing and how much you paid for it will not be as recognizable as the actual quality of the product you have on because you cannot fake real leather and high end denim the nature of the quality in itself moves heads and anyone with a mere taste of quality and class will notice what you are wearing when you are wearing Ferrari Massari.